Multi-instrumentalist, Brenton Little (a.k.a. 'Cloud Factory'), describes himself as "“Human, believer, professional daydreamer, aspiring husband & father, taking photos, designing & playing drums." 

"With an eye and ear for beauty and a love for balance and color. his work evokes a freshness that transcends any medium; whether it's design, music, photography or life, his passion shines through whatever he does." - Sean McCabe

Described as "Floaty" by Christian Baxter. 

"Completely original" by Seth Flood

and “Magnum” by Kevin Howard.

A note from Brenton:

I have been in and around music most of my life. I blame my dad for introducing me to a drum kit at 4 years old; I've been playing since then. Around 12 years old I started jamming with friends after school. Fast forward a few years later — 4 bands, many sleepless nights recording, touring and trying to live the typical musician's life and here I am...still itching to write and record music. I don't necessarily have a touring band, but Cloud Factory is the name I go by.